Animal raising

Any 4H youth in good standing can apply to raise an animal at the Crystal Spring Farm (CSF). In order to raise a market or show animal on the CSF for showing/auctioning at the San Mateo County Fair, or for non-market projects like the Laying Hen Fundraiser (LHF), participating youth will need to be in that animal's project. For example, to raise turkeys at the farm the youth would need to be in the poultry project. All projects for animals raised at the CSF farm are currently hosted by the BSM club, with Belmont co-leadership on the CSF poultry and garden projects. For the 2019-2020 year, there is the poultry project (market birds, show birds, and laying hens fundraiser), goat project, lamb project, the steer project, the rabbit project (market and show rabbits), and the swine project. Belmont members can participate in any other club's projects (for example, a Belmont youth wanting to raise turkeys at CSF will join the BSM poultry project). In addition, the Belmont club will be raising two hogs at CSF in the Belmont Club's participation in the Fair's Pen Pride event.

Beginning 4-H

Open to youth age 5 - 8 years of age. This project is an overview of 4-H for primary members age 5 to 8 years old and can be taken by all new club members if interested. We’ll plan and visit various project meetings events throughout the year. We will also visit County level events such as Presentation Day and Life Skills Festival. This is a great way to meet other new 4-Hers, have fun, and learn more about the club. There may be a small fee to cover for materials cost

Soap Making

Open to anyone interested in learning how to make soap! All are welcome to join. This is a great way to make friends while learning to do something fun and interesting. Meetings are once a month, Monday or Tuesday. See you there!

Advanced rabbit behavior

Learn how to care for and raise a rabbit. You’ll learn about what different kinds of rabbits there are, what they eat, their anatomy; we’ll visit a rabbit expert, and a rabbit breeder’s competition. This project goes through May.

Computer Science First

Description: Computer Science (CS) First Project: 4-H and Google are coming together for a first-of-its-kind computer science (CS) collaboration that will teach kids both technical skills like coding, algorithm development using "unplugged" activities, and essential skills students will need in the future like, teamwork and resilience. The CS First Project isn’t just about programming computers, it’s about helping youth learn skills they’ll need to approach problems in a fundamentally different way across every discipline from business to engineering to the arts. This will be the first CS project offered through Belmont, is country wide, and is appropriate for beginner coders 4th through 8th grade (but all would be considered depending upon interest level and the number enrolled).


This project is intended to educate the equine community. There will be a focus on ethology, welfare and scientific observation and potential hands-on activities for grooming/husbandry, leading, obstacles if it suits the group. The outcome of this project is to create a scientific poster on topic of group’s choosing to be presented at County Fair. The older group may also have individual or team short oral presentation about equine science topic presented at SMCHA June horse show.

Million Trees

The 4-H Million Trees Project gives youth an opportunity to learn about conservation as they have fun planting trees and doing their part in the climate crisis. Meetings/planting events scheduling for this service-learning project will depend on the rains and the access to planting sites.


If you are interested in learning to stitch with a needle and thread, this is the project for you! This project is a place to explore any kind of hand sewing or needle craft that you are interested. Once you are confident with a needle and thread, you can fix or make just about anything! For this project, just bring enthusiasm and patience!

Biz World

The curriculum geared for the 3rd thru 8th grade is open to all members. This project will teach children the basics of entrepreneurship, business, and finance in a hands-on manner. This project gives children the opportunity to learn first-hand how to start and operate their own business. Working in teams, kids start, fund, and run their own company in the friendship bracelet industry. The teams will sell their products at the combined Favorite Foods Day/Fashion Review/Crafts Expo/SET event to be held next Spring. This project only will happen if enough children enroll.


Learn to cast on and off and the knitting stitch. We can do pearl when you are comfortable with knitting. You could learn to knit by making a pincushion and then you can create your own scarf. You learn how to use different types of yarn and how different size needles make different types of stitches resulting in a variety of projects. You will need to bring needles and yarn and work on your project at home in between meeting times.

Leadership-I Sprout

The purpose of the 4-H Primary Member Program is to assist youth in becoming capable, competent, caring and contributing citizens. Activities throughout the curriculum focus on the following four topics: Knowing Me, Knowing My Family, Knowing 4-H and Knowing My Community. iSprout has a series of recognition pins that come in four different colors-one for each year that youth participate.

Outdoor Adventures

Come and explore the Bay Area - on your own two feet! Hike trails with 4-H and learn about the flora, fauna and what you like best in your trail mix!

Poultry Project

Chickens are amazing - and tons of fun to learn about! You can learn about poultry without raising an actual chicken, or choose to raise and show a chicken at our County Fair or at poultry shows around the area. Did you know that chicken eggs can also be blue, green, or a deep mahogany brown? So much to learn, so much fun!


New members will be working on one personal quilt. Continuing members will work on other quilts. Cost of quilts is $60.00 up.

Record Book Project

This Record Book project will teach youth how to use Online Record Book (ORB), how/what to enter in their record book and what section to enter it in. It will also allow youth to have a designated work time to complete their record book throughout the year and promote the completion of record books.


You will learn and practice basic sewing skills while making garments and other items before Fashion Revue in late April. You will gather your tools and materials for the project, and may use my machines.

Advanced STEM

Ever heard of liquid nitrogen? Well, that's what Advanced STEM's first meeting is all about! We're going to learn about why liquid nitrogen is so cold and then get to see some in action by making ice cream. Any 4-Her in San Mateo County that's in grades 7-12 and interested in learning about science and technology can join the project. There will be 4 total meetings and they will each be 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours. Other potential topics include dissections, the chemistry of cooking (with macarons and marshmallows!), and visiting a science laboratory.