These are some events that 4H has to offer.

2019-20 Officer Installation - The Officer Installation meeting was held at the 4H farm. We went through the rules of the 4H farm and learned more about the animals we care for. Thanks to our parents, we had many delicious foods and treats. We played games such as egg racing and corn hole tossing. We closed our event with our customary ice cream sundae pledge with the help with all the officers contributing to the sundae.

All of the 4H members coming together

Enjoying the 4H picnic

4H customary ice cream sundae pledge

Halloween Party 2019 - We enjoyed lots of tasty and delicious food, played fun and exciting games, and got to know our club members better.

A 4H community photo with everybody in the club

All the tasty and great food brought to the 4H Halloween Party

The fun and different activities that were brought to the Halloween party

4H Open House - People who were not in 4H yet came and saw how 4H was ran by the youth. They also got to see all the different projects there were to offer

Different Foods Project

Quilting Project

Chicken Project